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Nyman Construction Co., is headed by Michael Nyman, a third generation member of one of Cleveland’s most respected families in the construction and development industry. He began his career as a construction laborer for two years, then, in order to gain more field experience, he apprenticed as a union carpenter for four years. As a result, he knows what to demand and expect from the tradesmen and subcontractors. Prior to creating his own company, Nyman was an estimator, project manager, officer and shareholder of Drake Construction Co. for fifteen years (1980-1995). He now brings these skills to his new company. In addition, he has staffed the company with managers, superintendents and craftsmen who had been associated with his former company for as long as twenty years, along with other highly qualified individuals from other successful companies.

In an industry that confuses low prices with value, Nyman brings in a breath of fresh air. He believes that high quality craftsmen and materials combined with low overhead management fees will give the owner the best value. He is distinguished by his understanding of the changing business environment, the importance of communications and hands on control throughout the construction process.

Nyman’s Goals Include:

  • Hire the most qualified and pay accordingly
  • Give the customer everything that is promised
  • Communicate effectively
  • Keep it simple

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